Summer is Coming!

In anticipation of the end of the school year, our mediators designed this bulletin board- have a safe summer!

Kyle, Tiana, and April strut their stuff in from of their latest accomplishment...


Earth Day

Peer Mediation couldn't happen without a planet that supports life- thanks, Earth!


Interns in the News

Our interns were features in the USD116 monthly newsletter. Many thanks to Mark Schultz for his support of our program!

U of I Students Join UMS Peer Mediation as Interns

Catherine Martin and Michelle Lewis
Catherine Martin (L) and Michelle Lewis (R) are two U of I students helping the UMS Peer Mediation Program this year.

The Peer Mediation Program at Urbana Middle School helps students cope with interpersonal conflicts that arise during the school day. This year, the program has the help of two interns from the Univeristy of Illinois to help bring awareness to the program and to help students solve their problems.Catherine Martin and Michelle Lewis are both seniors at the Univeristy of Illinois, majoring in Human Development and Family Studies. They are interning with Peer Mediation Coordinator, Elizabeth Simpson, this year. The two have had the responsibility to work on the challenge booklet to give to students, produce bulletin boards to promote peer mediation, and various other projects to help students resolve conflict. The two students are also carrying over what they have learned at Urbana Middle School and will help train peer mediators at surrounding middle schools."Peer mediation really helps kids communicate, especially at this age of development," Martin says. She adds, "I am learning patience and that the world of conflict resolution is a lot different that I thought it was." Lewis says she has learned many communication skills while working in this internship.Simpson says she is very happy to have the help from Martin and Lewis this semester, saying, "The interns are fantastic. They are helping me do projects that I have had on my back burner for several years and (have) never had the chance to move forward. I'm very grateful."


Spring Into Mediation

Catherine and Michelle, our interns, have brightened up the southeast hall with a new bulletin board!

Catherine and Michelle (L-R) beam in front of their bright board...

Our illustrious interns, Catherine and Michelle


A word from our Interns...

Michelle and Catherine are seniors at the University of Illinois in Human Development and Family Studies. Through their internship they are spending time some time with us, and some time with the Prairieland Conflict Mediation Center.

My name is Michelle. I am having a fun time learning about the program here. I am hoping to work with the students after I become trained as a mediator through Prarieland Conflict Mediation Center. My interests include playing the trumpet in the Marching Illini and the UIUC Basketball Band, watching TV shows regularly (I love quoting TV shows!) and working in Aquatics for Campus Recreation.

My name is Catherine. I enjoy being a intern with Elizabeth Simpson for the Peer Mediation club! I'm hoping to work with students once I get trained as a mediator. My interests include hanging out with friends, going to the movies (I'm a HUGE movie buff!) and listening to all kinds of music. I also like being outside with my dog whenever I get the chance!


We're In Business!

Peer Mediators can now promote their services with our new business card!


Pizza Party

Yay! This is an awesome party, we had a lot of fun, we ate a lot of pizza, yay!
Anthony and Tori Chillin'...

Kelsey, Raines, Rose, Angela, and a little bit of Didi Su...

The rest of Didi Su (not "dee dee soo!)...

Kelsey, Rose, and Angela stuffing their faces!


Welcome, Interns!

Today we officially began our partnership with Prairieland Mediation Center, who is graciously sharing their interns with us. Thanks to Joy George for all her help, and welcome to Catherine and Michelle!

Joy (Prairieland Mediation Center) Catherine and Michelle (U of I Students)
Catherine, Michelle (U of I Students), and Elizabeth (Peer Mediation Coordinator)


Peer Mediation on UPTV

Last fall Elizabeth Simpson, the Peer Mediation Coordinator, was interviewed as part of the "Inside Urbana School District #116", hosted by Mark Schultz. The video was recently released, and so we're proud to share it with you! (COMING SOON...)


Praise From a Teacher

We often hear rumors that Peer Mediation is helpful, but we recently received an email straight from the teacher's mouth:

Thanks so much, I've already seen an improvement in class. I will definitely keep you in mind for future situations. Thanks for your help!

Kristyn Studebaker
PE/Health Teacher
Urbana Middle School


More Practice, More Skills

Angela, Didi Su, and Tyler practice mediation...

then get a little goofy...

and give a new definition to 'facing off'


Mediation Challenge

This week's question is:

What would you do if a student offered you drugs?

Bring your answer to a teacher or to Room 2411 by friday.

Last week's question was:
What would you tell a student who was having trouble at home?

The winner was Deja Poke. She said she would give them tips and if those tips didn't work, she would tell them to call and talk to her mom about their problems.

The runners-up were Kayla Webb and Taryn Mercier.


Getting Ready

Meditaion Practice

Anthony and Dallas do a mediation role play to prepare for the real thing.


New Meditors, New Questions

Today we chose next week's challenge question: There is a new teacher at school. How do you treat them, and why?

We also assembled the team posters into dispensers, and practiced summarizing and identifying what could be different in a conflict.
Tonia and Jack assemble dispensers.

Tori and Angela choose the new challenge question.


Today in Mediation Club...

Today we came up with bulletin board ideas, thought of pin/button designs, created new challenge questions, and worked on new posters to put up around UMS.
-Anthony and Tyler

Mediator Quotes of the Day:
"If you are having trouble with a student and teachers aren't doing things to your liking, come to Peer Mediation. Things will be happier after!" -Dallas
"I became a mediator because I wanted to meet new friends, help students, and help promote peace in my life." -Tyler
"Funny funny, teehee!" -Raine
"Balaclava!" -Savannah
"Kapowie" -Presley
"If you wear it today, don't have it tomorrow!" -Rose
"Yeah" -Angela
"Peanut butter jelly!" -Tori
"Kitty!" -Dallas
"Pumpkin" -Tyler
"Umm..." Anthony
table brainstormingrose.JPG
Presley, Rose, and Angela work on their conflict descriptions.

Dallas and Ericka brainstorm on the whiteboard.


Team Posters

Today students finished the team posters! Great job!


Today's Adventure

Today we all made team-specific posters for mediation request dispensers. The mediators did a super job creating slogans and illustrations. We also had three new mediators arrive! Welcome to Tonia, Rose, and Angela!

"Today I drew a Venture sign. I was the first one done, and it's only my first day!"
-Rose T.


Mediators Say...

Join Peer Mediation and Peer Listening, it's FUN!!! "YAY"
-Raine C.

Keep doing what you love... unless it's bullying.
-Anthony S.

Today we came up with new ideas for next week's challenge question. We got new people and hope to see more tomorrow.
-Tyler H.

Advice to students: leave your locker with the combination in the 2nd number so that next class you won't be late by putting in the wrong number accidentally.
-Dallas H.


Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Alex C.! He was the winner of last week's mediation challenge. His advice to someone trying to make friends is to ask people their names, find common interests, and get to know them.
The runners-up were:
Delaney P.- Say: If you want to be my friend I would love to be your friend.
Savannah F.- I would tell them to introduce themselves to everyone, and to be themselves.
Deja P.- ASk them a question. Ask their name. Ask them if they want to come over and go to the library. Ask them over for dinner.


Mediators Say...

I am a Peer Mediator because I love to help people, kids or adults, it really doesn't matter. I am not in sports or electives, so this is really awesome for me. If you love to help people like I do, then you should be a Peer Mediator. If you always have problems at school you could be a Peer Listener. Mediation is... AWESOME!!
-Kelsey C.

Come to mediation! Do you know someone with a problem? We'll solve it!
-Anthony S.