M- Landform review
T- "Why settle here?" practice
W- "Why settle here?" quiz
T- "Why settle here?" practice grading
F-Egypt project


W- Geography review
T- No school
F- Geography review


M- Hammurabi's Code
T- Hammurabi's Code
W- Babylonians & Assyrians
T- Mesopotamia Assessment Project
F- Mesopotamia Video


Monday: Time Compass Video
Tuesday: Features of a Civilization Graphic organizer (class work)
Wednesday/Thursday: Mesopotamia features reading/questions
Friday: Kingdoms of Mesopotamia


T Timeline Project
W Features of a Civilization
T Mesopotamia Vocab
F Fertile Crescent


M Vocabulary Definitions and Drawings- In class
T Migration
W Otzi the Iceman
T Otzi the Iceman
F Intro to Early Beings


M Map Scale Exercise
T Map Scale Stations/Practice
W Latitude and Longitude Assessment
T Map Legends/Keys
F Assessment Retake


M 5 Themes of Geography Intro
No homework
T 5 Themes of Geography graphic organizer and illustrations
If illustrations are not completed in class, they should be taken home for homework.
W Continents and Oceans
Map Activity
Continents and Oceans practice homework
T Make a compass
Compass practice
F Longitude and Latitude Intro


M Greek Gov't Myths Stations
T Review Gov't Myths
W Greek Society Stations
T Greek Society Stations
F Greek Society Stations


M Greece vs. Athens Review
T Greece vs. Athens Quiz
W Gov't in Greece
T Gov't in Greece
F Religion in Greece


M Why Settle Here Assessment
T Field Trip to movies
W Intro to Ancient Greece
T Greece's Geography
F Field Trip to Planetarium


T China Dynasties Video
W Shang Dynasty
Snapchat or Dumpster Diving Worksheet
T Dynasty Stations
F Dynasty Stations


M Stations Review
T China Intro Map
About Chinese Geography Activity
W Make your own China map
T Geography Research
F China Timeline


M Complete Study Guide in Class
T Egypt Video
W Review Game
T Egypt Test
F Egypt Activity


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M Geography Reteaching and Review
T Egypt Primary Sources
W Egyptian Gov't Compare and Contrast
T Egyptian Hierarchy
F Egyptian Religion


M Book assignment
T King Tut CSI
HW: King Tut's X-Rays and Was it illness that killed King Tut?
W King Tut CSI
T Egypt Stations
F Egypt Stations cont.


M Geography of Ancient Egypt
T Pharaohs
HW: Pharaoh Timeline
W Ancient Egypt Primary Sources
T Hatshepsut Video
F UIUC observers lesson


Monday Geography of Ancient Egypt Map Skills
Tuesday Flooding the Nile River (HW if not completed in class)
HW: Egypt Vocabulary
Wednesday Geography of Egypt
Thursday Geography of Egypt
Friday Farming in Ancient Egypt


M Mesopotamia Timeline
HW if not finished in class
City State Project Due 10/31
T Mesopotamia Stations
HW if not finished in class
City State Project Due 10/31
W Study Guide filled out in class
City State Project Due 10/31
Test on 9/2
City State Project Due 10/31
Test on 9/2


M Social Class in Mesopotamia
T Hammurabi's Code
W Hammurabi's Code Cont.
T Technology Stations
F City State Project Assigned
Due 10/28