what our teachers eat

its important to know what our teachers eat because we would want to know if they were having a well balanced meal so they can function well so they can teach us what we need to know to better us ourself in life. So i went around asking a few teachers what they have been eatin.
My first question of course was what do you eat for lunch and i got a few different answers. From Mr. Brooker he said 'typically i will bring a sandwich or salad for lunch. Sometimes i will have leftovers from dinner to warm up'. And then i asked Mr. Reif the same question and he say he eats grilled chicken fingers or a chicken sandwich and fries from the cafeterra.
My seconde question was whats your favorite food and does price matter? mr. brooker said 'my favorite food is probably a good hamburger. if it is good then i dont really mind paying good money for it'. and mr. reif answered my question by saying ' my favorite food to eat is a chickenstrip basket sandwich from dairy queen or any type of ice cream. Price often matters as i usually eat from value menus or coo at home.
My final question for the two teachers was, how often do you skip lunch for work? Mr. Brooker said 'many times i will work in my classroom and just eat something light like fruite. Maybe two times in two weeks i may just work straight through without eating' and Mr. Reif said 'i never skip lunch. However i do work and eat every work periode.
From these little series of questions i feeel as if i know my teachers a little better and know that they are keeping a healthing brain by feeding it so they can better us.
BY:AALIYAH JOHNSON weekly assignment