Nov 19 - Nov 23

    Notice: Holiday - No school Thursday - Friday

    Monday - Wednesday:

    Unit on Organization of Life
    Essential Question
    How does the microscope work?
    Lesson topic Microscope Lab activity sequence
    Targets / lesson objective Students will build and demonstrate knowledge of microscope parts, handling procedure, and study of microscopic specimen
    Activities Students will document progress for a series of microscope labs in composition book
    Lab 1: "E' Lab; Lab 2: Cork cells; Lab 3: Living onion skin cell; Lab 4: Staining living cell; Lab 5: Cell division + staining; Lab 6: Microscopic pond water study
    How will students demonstrate learning Students will demonstrate positive participation in activity.
    Students will have personal records for the activity
    Homework Students should continue to review class notes in science spiral or folder for about 15 minutes per class day to build a solid understanding.