August 22, 2019

    Welcome to the 8th Grade French Exploratory Homework Blog.

    My name is Madame Thiel and I can be reached via e-mail at bthiel@usd116.org

    This class is equivalent to the second semester of high school French.

    During this yearlong class we will learn to use French to:
    - Arrange transportation (plane, train, car, bus)

    - Give or get directions

    - Talk about leisure activities (sports, music, art, travel)

    - Talk about daily routines chores and responsibilities

    - Talk about health (illness, injury, pain in various places)

    - Talk about past events (using two different past tenses)

    We will also learn a bit about French-speaking cultures. Such as:
    - The names and works of some famous French-speaking artists
    - Things to see and do in Paris
    - The names of some French-speaking countries and what unique history, foods, music, celebrations and customs they have

    - What the French transportation and health systems are like
    - Some well known French fictional characters


    Students will be given a teacher created workbook and dictionary to facilitate their practice. Both workbooks and the textbook should be brought to class every day. They may also be loaned a textbook [Glencoe’s Bon Voyage! 1B].

    Grades will be calculated as follows:

    40% Practice (classwork and homework)

    60% Assessments (tests, projects, and skits)