September 10, 2012

    Homework: Continue to practice the verb "to be" by creating 12 sentences with the verb and adjectives from pages 10-11 of your dictionary. Ex. Je suis grand et brun. Ex. Mon amie est amusante et sympa.

    Goals: Students will be able to use French to describe themselves and others.
    Assessment: Quiz on the forms of the verb "to be" Wednesday

    Today in class we:
    - Did a a quick exercise on the forms of the verb "to be" (bottom pg. 81) to refresh our memories.
    - Corrected the homework (pages 84 & 85)
    - Did some gender and number agreement practice on pages 35 & 26-27top
    - Watched a video where people were describing their friends and teachers (dictionary pgs. 45-47)