February 26 - March 2

    Krannert Field Trip permission slips are due by this Wednesday for the Thursday trip to Mrs. Pece.
    Look for University of Illinois Engineering Open House field trip permission slips to come home. No cost for the trip, students may buy lunch on campus, or sign-up for a school sack lunch. See permission slip for details.

    Space Race: The Untold Story
    Summarizing Warm-Up/Bio Vocabulary Maps-students should finish by the end of class. Reminder that the book report project is due on Wednesday! Summarizing Warm-Up/Viewing The Diary of Anne Frank film/Book reports are due tomorrow! Collect book reports/Summarizing Warm-Up/Culminate viewing of The Diary Anne Frank Summarizing Warm-Up/-Bio Sentence Activity-please study for -Bio Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow!/Culminating reflection activities for The Diary of Anne Frank film Summarizing Warm-Up/-Bio Vocabulary Quiz/SSR/Finish The Diary of Anne Frank culminating film activities
    MR. HO
    Review Unit 6 Unit 6 Test Pass back Unit 6 test and corrections Review Unit 6 for retakes Unit 6 Retake
    MR. HO
    Unit 7.1 - Pythagorean Theorem and its converse

    Learn the pythagorean theorem and where it comes from

    hw: pg 7 and 9
    Unit 7.1 - Pythagorean Theorem and its converse

    Learn to apply the theorem and its converse in a word problem
    Unit 7.2 - 2D application for Pythagorean Theorem

    learn to find the length of the leg or hypotenuse of a 2D right triangle using the pythagorean theorem

    pg 16-20 #1-30 odd (due friday)
    Unit 7.2 - 2D application for Pythagorean Theorem

    Apply the pythagorean in the context of a 2D word problem

    pg 16-20 #1-30 odd (due friday)
    7.1-7.2 Quiz
    Review for Cuban Missile Crisis Benchmark exam to be given tomorrow. Cuban Missile Crisis Benchmark exam. Begin Space Race: The Untold Story Students will take 3-column notes by country: USA, Germany, Russia. What happened in each country? Finish Space Race video and notes The Women's Liberation movement and reaction paragraph
    Students will watch a short video about the Women's Liberation Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, and then write a short reaction to the video. The reaction can include thoughts about whether or not you think the movement was needed, or how you think the movement has impacted women of today.

    There is an alternative assignment for students who miss this video. You will read a passage from the textbook, and then answer one of the questions above. See me for a copy of the book. (I needed to edit the video for the middle school level, so I cannot post a link.)