April 23 - April 27

    Divergent Parents: My Skyward gradebook for 4th Qtr. has not been working correctly for 2 to 3 weeks. Despite the efforts of Skyward, Mr. Russell and Mr. Erlinger, the grades are irretrievably lost. Therefore, there will be no Progress Report grade for fourth quarter, and I will be keeping a paper gradebook for the remainder of the year. Each of my students will start fourth quarter grades from scratch in Social Studies at this point. Once Mr Russell has a chance to clear current 4th quarter grades, I will try entering a few in Skyward to see if we have fixed the problem. All missing work is forgiven and no longer accepted. The first grade will be based on student topic selection for the research project, which was due Friday, but extended to today. This assignment was to be completed in Google Classroom, and if you have Internet access, your child should be able to show you his or her work on demand. Please encourage your child to complete all work in Social Studies until the end of fourth quarter, as there will be very few assignments to comprise the grade. I will give your child a note to bring home each Friday regarding missing assignments and grades. Thank you for your understanding and patience as I set up a paper gradebook and track things by hand. Again, nothing in Skyward gradebook or Family Access for Social Studies is accurate at this time. Judy Pece

    Fact/Inference Warm-Up/Review new rules and expectations/-Rupt Vocabulary Maps-due at the end of the class Fact/Inference Warm-Up/The Pearl -being reading Chapter 6-reading and discussion-8th hour only The Outsiders Chapter 5 and 6 Fact/Inference Warm-Up/-Rupt Sentences/Continue reading and discussion of The Pearl Chapter 6 or 8th hour only The Outsiders Chapter 5/6 Fact/Inference Warm-Up/Review vocabulary words-Quiz tomorrow on -Rupt vocabulary words/Chapter 6 The Pearl Discussion Questions/The Outsiders Character chart Fact/Inference Warm-Up/-Rupt Vocabulary Quiz/Book Report Work day or SSR-in response to the final book report due on May 11
    MR. HO
    MR. HO
    https://sites.google.com/a/usd116.org/mrs-spencer-s-science-class/ https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/emMEgS0S3Wnx98AAO4dg
    Modern Era Research Project

    Finalize topic selection, and begin research in research grid
    Modern Era Research Project

    Research day
    Modern Era Research Project
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    Modern Era Research Project

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    Modern Era Research Project

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