April 1-5 Food Labels & Cleaning

    Download file "Food Label Notes*.pdf"Download file "Cereal Label Activity*.pdf"
    This first week of April we will learn about food labels and give the kitchens a good cleaning.
    M Apr 1 TU Apr 2 W Apr 3 TH Apr 4 F Apr 5
    *R & R
    *Food Label
    Cereal Label
    *Explain change
    of plans with
    Cereal Label
    *Copy Recipe
    *Complete Work
    Plan for Monday's
    lab of Rice Krispie
    *Catch up on work
    (mostly Cereal
    Label Activities)
    *Clean the labs
    *Catch up on work?
    EQ1: Why is it
    important for me
    to understand
    food labels?
    EQ2: What are food
    labels and how can I
    use them effectively?
    LT: l can use food labels
    to help me make wise
    nutritional choices.
    Eval: Cereal Label
    Activity and
    Food Label Quiz
    (Both later)
    Same as
    Same as
    EQ: How can I work
    successfully with others
    to prepare food?
    LT: I can become familiar
    with recipes to be more
    successful when I cook.
    Eval: Rice Krispie Lab
    EQ: How can we keep the
    food lab safe and sanitary?
    LT: I can help keep the kitchen
    a safe and sanitary environment.
    Eval: Kitchen Inspection
    EQ = Essential Questions, LT=Learning Target, Eval=Assessment/Evaluation