April 29-May 3 F & V and Eggs

    M April 29 TU April 30 W May 1 TH May 2 F May 3
    *Collect any
    missing work
    *Return & Record
    *Review Game
    *Food Label
    *F & V Quiz
    *Quiz Make-Ups
    *F & V Love Letter
    *Egg Notes
    *R & R
    *Read and discuss
    Egg Chapter
    *Start Egg WS
    EQ1: How do fruits and
    vegetables help my body?
    EQ2: How can I prepare
    fruits & vegetables suc-
    EQ3: What are food labels
    and how can they help me
    make wise purchases?
    LT1: I can name nutrients in
    F & V in addition to
    explaining how to prepare
    LT2: I can find valuable
    information on a food label
    to help me make good
    consumer decisions.
    Eval: Quizzes tomorrow
    Same Same EQ1: What do eggs
    provide for my body?
    EQ2: How can I prepare
    eggs and egg dishes
    LT1: I can list nutrients
    provided by eggs.
    LT2: I can prepare
    eggs successfully.
    Eval: Egg WS, Egg Test
    EQ=Essential Question(s), LT=Learning Target, Eval=Assessment/Evaluation