April 15-19 Soul Food and Fruits & Veggies

    We begin the week learning about African American inventions related to food and will get to see and taste Soul Food. We will then return to our unit on Fruits and Vegetables.

    Download file "Soul Food WS*.pdf"
    M April 15 TU April 16 W April 17 TH April 18 F April 19
    *Learn about inventions
    related to food by African
    Americans via Mrs. Ali
    *Mrs. Ali will demonstrate
    and share fried cornbread
    and greens.
    Mrs. Ali returns
    to demonstrate
    and teach how to
    make Sweet Potato
    Tea Cakes. Students
    will make and eat them.
    *Finish Veg
    Tasting WS
    *Soul Food WS?
    *Copy Recipe
    *Finish WSs
    *Work Plan
    EQ1: What food-related
    inventions were made
    by African Americans?
    EQ2: What is soul
    food and its history?
    LT: I can learn about
    food from my culture
    or a different one.
    Eval: WS (later)
    Same Same

    EQ: Essential Questions, LT=Learning Target, Eval=Assessment/Evaluation