April 8-12 Fruits & Vegetables

    The week begins with a food lab finishing out the Food Label unit and then we proceed to fruits and vegetables.
    M April 8 TU April 9 W April 10 TH April 11 F April 12
    LAB: Rice
    Krispie Treats
    *Fruit & Vegetables
    Notes & Discussion
    *R & R
    Discuss vegetable
    chapter, p. 240-7
    *Veggie Food Models
    *Explain Friday's
    *Vegetable WS
    EQ: What do I need
    to know to cook safely
    and successfully?
    LT: I can work with others
    to make a recipe.
    Eval: Lab or Lab Make-Up
    for those who missed lab
    EQ1: How do fruits and
    vegetables help my body?
    EQ2: How can I prepare
    fruits and vegetables
    Eval: Worksheets and
    test (both later)
    Same Same EQ1: What do
    different vegetables
    taste like?
    EQ2: Do I like a
    specific vegetable?
    Why or why not?
    LT; I can taste different
    vegetables and determine
    if I like them or not.
    Eval: Veg Tasting Act WS
    EQ= Essential Question(s), LT=Learning Target, Eval=Assessment/Evaluation