March 11-15 Milk Unit Continues

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    M Mar 11 TU Mar 12 W Mar 13 TH Mar 14 F Mar 15
    *Discuss Milk
    Chapter, p.
    *Begin Milk
    3rd: Class had lots
    of questions about
    breastfeeding which
    we discussed at length.
    *Milk Worksheet
    Milk WS,
    if needed
    Dairy Ag Mag
    with partner
    3rd Period only:
    *Collect Assignment
    Logs & Hall Passes
    *Finish Milk & Dairy
    Ag Mag WS if needed
    9th Period:
    NO CLASS due to
    Staff Vs. Student Assembly
    EQ1: How do milk and
    milk products help my body?
    EQ2: How can I prepare milk
    and milk products successfully?
    LT1: I can identify nutrients of
    milk and milk products.
    LT2: I can shop for and store
    milk and milk products effectively.
    LT3: I can cook successfully with
    milk and milk products.
    Eval: Milk Worksheet
    Same Same Same

    Eval: Dairy
    Ag Mag WS
    EQ=Essential Question(s), LT=Learning Target, Eval=Assessment/Evaluation