May 20-24 Final Lab/Recipe File

    EQ=Essential Question(s), LT=Learning Target, Eval=Assessment/Evaluation
    M May 20 TU May 21 W May 22 TH May 23 F May 24
    *Discuss Tuesday's
    Final Lab
    *Recipe Card
    File Project
    Prepare food with
    your group with only
    a recipe and materials.
    Very little assistance
    will be given.
    *Discuss Final Lab
    *Return & Record
    *Collect Logs
    *Recipe Card File
    any missing
    work especially
    Recipe Card
    File Projects
    *Utensil BINGO
    Field Trips

    Any students
    remaining will
    work on cleaning
    up the food lab
    with a treat.
    EQ: How can I prepare
    foods successfully?
    LT1: I can prepare foods
    with a group of other
    LT2: I can apply the skills
    learning this semester to
    a new lab as independently
    as possible.