February 15th - March 4th 2016 Unit III

    Consumer Foods 7th Grade

    Chapter 13: Using Kitchen Equipment, Chapter 14: Know Your Equipment, Chapter 17: Basic Measuring Methods, Chapter 18: Basic Cooking Terms, & Chapter 22: Getting Organized to Cook

    Lesson Targets/Objectives
    Students will....
    • Identify large & small kitchen appliances and describe how to use appliances
    • Differentiate between convectional, conventional & microwave ovens
    • Discuss proper procedures for cleaning and care of appliances
    • Identify and practice using various kitchen utensils
    • Explore different types of cookware, baking pans, and mixing equipment
    • Discuss basic measuring methods and utensils
    • Demonstrate how to measure ingredients appropriately when preparing baked products
    • Analysis recipes to identify what equipment is need to prepare recipe
    • Explore 3 different type of cooking methods and describe characteristics of each
    • Explain the differences between dry & moist cooking methods
    • Work with group members to organize and prepare lab for cooking experiences
    • Suggest ways to work efficiently and effectively in the food lab preparation area
    • List the basic steps in cleaning before and after lab experiences
    • Create task plan and job descriptions for team members
    • Work with group members to prepare and evaluated food products