1/23 - 1/26: GROWING & CHANGING

    GROWING & CHANGING (Chapter 2: pages 35-45)

    Essential Question(s):
    • What can I gain from learning about the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social changes of adolescence?
    • Explore the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and moral changes that occur during adoloscence
    • Discuss the differences between self-concept and self-esteem.
    • Discuss how heredity and environment influences personality.
    • Identify signs of maturity.
    • Define the following words: adolescence, environment,heredity,hormones,menstruation,personality, puberty,self-concept, & self-esteem.
    Lesson Assignments & Activities:
    • Class reading
    • Class discussion
    • Student Self Assessment
    • Piecing It Together (Class Assignment)
    • Chapter Study Guide
    • Think Share Pair Activity
    • Video