Culture of Food Part I: History of Soul Food

    October 1st thru October 8th:

    Student exploring and discussion the origin of soul food in our Consumer Foods class.The overall purpose of this lesson is to educate students about African American family's food heritage and explore the foundation of the many food traditions derived from the African-American culture. Mrs. Myrtle Ali, was our guest speaker and food demonstrator. She demonstrated how to prepare collard greens with smoked meat and homemade cornbread. This week, Mrs. Ali will be showing the students how to prepare sweet potato teacakes, and methods used by African-Americans to prepare food.

    Throughout the unit, the students were introduce to following four African-Americans who played a key role in history of food today: George Washington Carver (Agricultural Chemist), LLoyd A. Hall (Food Chemist), Frederick McKinley Jones (Refrigeration Engineer), and Norbert Rillieux (Engineer and Inventor).

    So far, we have been having a great time on this unit. Our class populations has students that represent multiple countries and states, therefore the conversations about specific food are prepared and eaten in different cultures have been wonderful.


    We welcome any parent who would love to come in to prepare, or demonstrate food from multiple cultures. If interested, please email at bprice@usd116.org....