Feb. 1st - 5th Weekly

    Family Living 8th Consumer Foods 7th Intro to FACS 6th
    Lesson Target Discuss the importance and ingredients of self-concept
    Discuss the factors that affect the development of self-concept.
    Identify how to develop a positive self-concept.
    Describe the characteristics of people with a high self-concept.
    Explain how to raise the self-concept of others.
    Explore kitchen & food safety preventives measure.
    Discuss food-borne illness and ways to prevent them from occurring.
    Suggest way to prepare and store food properly.
    Create food safety & sanitation poster detailing knowledge and understanding
    Explore factors that influence personality and character traits.
    Discuss the importance of positive character traits.
    Homework/Assignments Class Reading & Lecture
    Developmental Task Handout (Classwork)
    Student Personal Assessment
    Chapter Open Note Assessment
    Class Readings & Lectures
    Poster Projects
    Think Share Pair Activities
    Handwashing Assessment
    Chapter Study Guides
    Keeping Food Safe Video
    Class Reading & Discussions
    Students Personal Surveys

    Willy Wonka CHaracter Assignment
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