February 8th - 12th 2016 Unit II

    Understanding Recipes / Basic Cooking Terms / Recipe Math (Unit 2)
    Discovering Food & Nutrition

    Chapter 15: Reading Recipes
    Lesson Objectives:
    • Identify the parts of a recipe
    • Summarize the importance of recipes
    • Define basic food preparation & cooking terminology
    • Analysis a recipe to distinguish between preparation & cooking terminology
    • Ex[plain how to alter recipes or use subsitutions
    • Differentiate between the following cutting techniques: mince, chop, cut, slice, cube, dice, pare, & grate
    Chapter 16: Recipe Math
    • Explore two basic systems of measurements
    • Discuss the unit of measurement in math
    • Explain how to increase or decrease recipes
    • Identify and demonstrate how to use proper measuring utensil