May 6-10 C Dev/Potential & Goals

    M May 6 TU May 7 W May 8 TH May 9 F May 10
    Watch Brain
    Video and
    record 5-10
    facts from it
    *Read and Discuss
    Chap 1 Potential
    and Goals
    *Start Ch. 1 WS
    Ch. 1 WS
    by end of the
    class period
    Stepping Stones David Robinson
    Video where he
    discusses goals
    and reaching our
    EQ1: How does a
    child develop?
    EQ2: How have I
    LT: I can record
    interesting facts about
    brain development
    from a video.
    Eval: Video Facts
    EQ1: What are my goals?
    EQ2: How can I reach
    my potential?
    LT: I can focus on my
    goals and make choices
    that will help me achieve
    those goals.
    Eval: Ch WS
    Same EQs: Same
    LT: I can identify
    small steps (short-
    term goals) to help
    me achieve my long-
    term goals.
    Eval: Stepping
    EQs: Same
    LT: I can apply
    information from
    a video to my life
    Eval: Discussion
    EQ=Essential Question(s), LT: Learning Target, Eval=Assessment/Evaluation