April 22-26 Procedures & Child Development

    M April 22 TU April 23 W April 24 TH April 25 F April 26
    *Parent Letter
    due Wednesday
    *Class Starters
    *Introduction to
    Mrs. Furrer which
    leads to All About Me
    *Use agenda for
    hall passes
    *Assignment Log
    *Return & Record
    Graded Assignments
    *Start Child Dev.
    Parent Letter DUE!

    Child Dev. Notes
    *Finish Notes (7th)
    *Intro to textbook
    called Today's Teen
    *Read & discuss
    Chapter 16 about
    child development
    *Start Child Dev WS
    *Finish Child
    Dev WS
    EQ: What are the
    expectations and
    procedures for
    this class?
    LT: Class Procedures
    Eval: N/A
    Same EQ1: How does a
    child develop?
    EQ2: How have
    I developed?
    LT: Child Dev.
    Eval: Worksheet
    an quiz (later)
    Same Same