May 13-17 Building Character

    M May 13 TU May 14 W May 15 TH May 16 F May 17
    *Overview of
    Chapter 3:
    Building Character
    *Character Traits
    list with a partner
    or small group
    *Explain movie
    *Pass out
    note form
    *Start Movie:
    Charlie and the
    Chocolate Factory
    focusing on the
    character traits
    displayed by the
    characters, especially
    the children.
    Continue watching
    and taking notes
    on the movie
    Same Same
    EQ1=How do people
    demonstrate positiive
    character traits?
    EQ2: How can I be a
    person of good character?
    LT1: I can demonstrate
    positive character traits in
    a wide variety of ways.
    Eval: Notes, Movie WS (later)
    Same Same Same Same
    EQ=Essential Questions, LT=Learning Target, Eval=Assessment/Evaluation