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The Apple App store has a great number of music applications. Here are some that we use at UMS. Rhythm in Reach app is the be...

Music Learning Sites/Programs

There are many music learning sites on the internet. Here are a few used in the UMS Band Program. This site...

UMS Tech

Welcome to Urbana Middle School Technology Resources wiki for supporting technology in the classroom. Tech Action Team: 3/26/12 I...


Science Technology Resources: Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation

[Download file "meiosis"] This activity allowed students to show the process of meiosis. However, this can be done with any process ...

Special Education

Special Education Resources: Blabberize

Language Arts

Language Arts Resources: Blabberize

Foreign Language

Foreign Language Resources: Talking Tom Blabberize

General Tools

General Tools: "Pick Me!" iPad App Blabberize


I have used the website, Blabberize in Language Arts. The students brought a stuffed animal that was to be the main character for multiple narrat...

Pick Me! Student Response Application

used in Mr. Pound's 7th grade math class to record student responses daily [icon.jpg] Pick Me! is an itunes application, which can be downloaded to ...

Talking Tom

Talking Tom News: great for students to practice verbal communication in target language, while having fun (good assessment too). Compatible with...

Dimension U

Dimension U is used in Algebra 1 and in Pre-Algebra. I am assessing students on prior knowledge and present knowledge in the math curriculum. The ...

QuickTime for Screencasting

This lesson was used by Heather Jacobs in her 6th grade math classes. Students were put in groups, and used the iPads to record their data as t...

Time Lapse Activity

This activity was used for Rachel Hurliman's 8th Grade math class to study exponential growth. Mold Growth Through Time Lapse Photogr...


Music Technology Resources:

Social Studies

Social Studies Resources:


Math Technology Resoources

Podcast Test

Test [02_someday we'll go all the way.mp3]