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    Welcome to Urbana Middle School Technology Resources wiki for supporting technology in the classroom.

    Tech Action Team: 3/26/12

    I. Survey Results:

    1. USD Teacher Results Download file "Teacher_Survey_Summary_02092012.pdf"
    2. UHS Student Results Download file "Student_Survey_Summary_02272012.pdf"
    3. UMS Sixth Grade Survey Download file "SurveySummary_03262012.pdf"
    II. Looking to the future:

    Tech Action Team: 2/27/2012

    Do Teachers Need to Relearn How to Learn?

    Tech Action Team: 1/30/2012

    Today we would like to start the process of creating/gathering resources by curricular areas. Try to think of a tool or resource that you have used this year with your classes. Create a new wiki page and describe what the tool/resource/lesson is and how you used it. Please use tags to make the lesson searchable as well as easy to find. Here are two Examples:
    1. Time Lapse Activity
    2. Shapes Around Us Scavenger Hunt (Note-this link takes you to the UMS iPad Wiki)
    Alternate Activity:
    If you would rather search for new tools/resources, check out the links to both the UMS Tech Resources website and the Cool Tools For Schools site. Take some time to investigate these sites to identify potential resources for our teachers. As you find interesting sites/tools/resources, add them to the appropriate curricular resource page.

    Curricular Resource Pages: