Swimming In Physical Education

Swimming Expectations

At Urbana Middle School we have a great opportunity most middle schools do not have; to swim at the Urbana Aquatic Center during a short time in the Second Quarter in physical education classes. The Urbana Aquatic Center was built as a joint project with the Urbana Park District and Urbana School District 116.

Students with swimming experience will be tested as to their swimming ability and permitted to be in deeper water. They will also be taught up to three basic swimming strokes- Freestyle, Backstroke and possibly the breast stroke. The use of kick boards will be provided if needed. Additional curriculum including treading water, diving and water entry may be offered for students at higher skill levels.

Students with minimal swimming experience will have the opportunity to gain confidence in the water- focusing on floating and submerging. Progressing to flutter kicks with kick boards and the freestyle swim stroke. Students at lower skill levels will not be asked to enter water over their head.

Teachers also have the option to teach Water Aerobics and fitness during the swim curriculum. This will include all skill levels in the shallow end of the pool.

Dress Code:

Boys: Swim Suit With a liner- No basketball shorts please.

Girls: A ONE piece suit is preferred.

Students are permitted to wear t-shirts, tank tops, or swimming shirts in the pool. We only ask they are fit properly and are not too loose or baggy as to prevent movement in the pool.

Students are to provide their own TOWEL and goggles if needed. Teachers will provide kick boards when the use of them is needed.

Swimming is a great full body exercise and a valuable life skill that we are able to help provide to our students at UMS.

Students in physical education class hours 1,2,3 and 7,8,9 will have a swimming unit during the second or third quarter lasting 15 school days.

Many PE classes also allow for earned "Activity Days" during the swim unit- when students will be able to use the the diving board, water slides, and wading pool.

The Urbana Aquatic Center will provide on-duty life guards during swimming units. Physical Education teachers are also certified in Water Safety Instruction.

Students will be graded on participation and effort while in the pool. Students who refuse to participate will not earn credit during the swim unit.


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