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Tuesday 9/3/2013:
8th Grade Physical Education

Today we did two different drills that focused on ball handling, passing, following your pass, kicking, and catching. The first drill was called a traffic passing drill. Students were asked to run with the ball and to step and pass around an opponent. Students practiced passing on in both directions. We focused on not catching the ball flat footed and to move towards the pass. We then did a 3 man weave drill from a kick. Students practiced receiving a kick, and working together to weave in and out and passing to each other while moving down the field. Students need to make sure they are moving to the pass and not waiting flat footed.

8th Grade Health:

Today was the first day of our Too Good For Drugs guest speaker, Mrs. Rudicil. She has been coming to speak to students for quite some time now and students really enjoy her. Today, the students took a pre-assessment to show what they know about drug related topics and she began her first lesson which was on goal setting and planning for the future. Students filled out a senior yearbook worksheet where they had to list honors and activities, set a goal for themselves, list people who will help them achieve their goal, when they will review their goal, etc. Students turned this in at the end of the class for a participation grade.

6th Grade Health:

Today was the first day of our Too Good For Drugs guest speaker, Mrs. Rudicil. She has been coming to speak to students for quite some time now and the students really seem to enjoy her. The students took a pre-assessment to see where they are at with their knowledge base on drug related topics. Then, the students were taught their first lesson

Wednesday 9/4/2013

8th Grade Physical Education: Today the students participated in the Fitnessgram Pacer test. This test measures the students cardiovascular endurance. Students were asked to score within the average range for a male or a female. We will be completing this test again in a few weeks. Students will be expected to maintain a score in the average range or to improve their score.

8th Grade Health:
Today the students were introduced the Action Steps for problem solving. The purpose of this lesson was to teach students the correct way to deal with a problem so that both parties can reach a "win-win" solution as well as, making the healthiest and safest decision possible.

6th grade Health:
Students learned about communication styles (assertive, passive, aggressive). We did role playing to practice using our assertive communication styles to get what we want while still being respectful of the other person.

Tuesday 9/10/2013
8th grade Physical Education:
Today the students participated in their final Rugby game of the unit. Students were expected to understand how to pass, play offense, defend, and follow the rules of rugby. Overall, I was very pleased at how things went and saw a lot of improvement in students knowledge and skills by the end of the unit.

8th grade health:
Today students learned about the different dimensions of health and ways that they can improve in each area. We also discussed possible obstacles that can get in the way of someone maintaining good health in one or more of the areas.

6th grade health:
Today we discussed the ways that drug use can impact a persons life. Students participated in role playing activities as well.

Monday 9/16/2013

8th Grade Physical Education:

Today will be the second day of our tennis unit. We have already began working on proper serving techniques. Today, we will start the lesson continuing to practice these skills. Emphasis will be placed on proper form and accuracy. We will also begin to work on forehand returns out of a game like situation.

8th Grade Health:

Today students will be administered a Social Emotional Learning assessment. This will cover everything that has been discussed so far this year. The format of the assessment includes fill in the blank responses but the majority are short answer situational questions where students will be asked to apply the skills they have learned. Students can use their notes and graded assignments to prepare for this assessment.

6th Grade Health:

Today we will discuss problem solving. Students will be introduced to the first 4 action steps that can be used to solve any problem effectively. Students will be given a sample problem and will be expected to show how to use the action steps to begin to solve it. The purpose of this lesson is for students to learn what it takes to make a decision so they don't have to deal with as many negative consequences of making a bad decision.

Tuesday 9/17/2013

8th grade physical education:

Today the students will continue working on serving and will work on continuing a volley using the forehand shot. Students should focus proper form and placing the ball in bounds.

8th grade and 6th grade health:

Today we have our too good for drugs guest speaker. In 8th grade, we will be discussing communication styles. Students will take a survey to find out their own communication style. In 6th grade,

Wednesday 9-18-2013

8th Grade Physical Education:

Today we will be playing a fitness game that focuses on quick movements and sprinting. The game is called the gauntlet.

8th Grade Health:
Today we will begin our First Aid and Safety unit. Students will read and learn about safety in the home and at school. Students will learn common causes of accidents and what can be done to prevent accidents and avoid injury. Students will be asked to answer a set of questions at the end of the lesson to demonstrate their understanding of the content.

6th Grade Health:

Today we will complete the last lesson of the Social Emotional Unit. We will learn about the last two steps in the Action Step sequence relating to solving problems. Students will apply their knowledge to real life situations.

9/30/13 Monday
8th grade Physical Education: Today was our last day of tennis. Students played a doubles tennis game with a partner that I paired them up with. They practiced scoring, serving, the forehand, and backhand shot. Students were also taped serving. I will be analyzing their serves using a program called COACHES EYE and they will receive a grade.

8th grade Health: Today we played a wound identification game where the students had to match pictures of wounds with the type. We discussed wounds and first aid for wounds on Friday. Then the students were shown a powerpoint on bone and joint injuries and the proper first aid steps. Students were asked to answer a set of questions as the lesson was conducted.

6th grade Health: Today we will be playing a review game based on Chapter 14-Hygeine. Students were given a study guide to take home over the weekend to help prepare them for the test which will be on Wednesday.

10/1/13 Tuesday
8th grade Physical Education: Today we played a game called Flickerball. It is a team game that includes aspects of Football, Basketball, and Ultimate Frisbee. It is geared at working on students Cardiovascular Endurance, sportsmanship, throwing, catching, and shooting.

8th grade Health/6th grade Health: Today we watched a movie called The Worlds Most Dangerous Drug. It was a movie that discussed the Methamphetamine epidemic that is occurring all over the United States. It discusses the symptoms of using this drug (short and long term), how it is administered, who it is affecting, and what is in this drug.

10/2/13 Wednesday
8th grade Physical Education: Today we played a game called Basekickball that incorporates the skills of basketball and kickball.

8th grade Health: Today we discussed life threatening emergencies focusing on Shock and Choking. Students learned about the causes of each, the signs and symptoms, and proper first aid treatment for each.

6th grade Health: Today students took an exam over Chapter 14-hygiene. They were given the opportunity to do an extra credit word search after they were finished with the test which is due tomorrow.

10/3/13 Thursday
8th grade Physical Education: Today it was raining so we were unable to go outside. We had limited space because of picture retakes so we had an activity day in the main gym with the other two classes.

8th grade Health: Today students learned about CPR. They learned the common causes of cardiac arrest, and the proper treatment for an adult/child and an infant.

6th grade Health: Today we begin our body systems unit. Students will learn all about the skeletal system. We will start off class by sharing interesting facts about the skeletal system. Students will read and take notes and then will complete an activity called Skeletal Animation that demonstrates they know ways to keep this system healthy. If it is not finished in class it will be homework due tomorrow.

10/4/13 Friday


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