UMS Physical Education Dress Code

Each Urbana Middle School student is required to wear the following for Physical Education Classes:

Black Shorts with a Drawstring

White Or Grey T-Shirt

Athletic Shoes with Socks

Students will be permitted to wear Sweat Pants/ Track Pants and Sweat Shirts over their PE clothes for cooler days when PE class is held outdoors.

We ask that students place their first and last name in large visible letters on ALL garments.

Students are to wear clothes that fit properly. Excessively baggy or loose fitting clothing is not permitted. Shorts and sweat pants must be worn on the waist or hips so that no under garments are shown.

Wearing street clothes under PE uniform is not permitted and is considered "Not Dressed" and will result in loss of points.

If you would like to purchase a new PE uniform from UMS: Please see your PE Teacher before or after school.

Shorts : $10

T-Shirts: $6

Note: During morning outdoor activities some fields may be slightly wet with dew. Please keep in mind that shoes and socks can become wet or dirty during physical education play. UMS or the P.E. Department is not be responsible for the cleaning or replacement of shoes.


WHY do we need to dress/ change for Physical Education?

  • Freedom of movement: Students wearing jeans, skirts, baggy pants, sweaters...etc Can't move as easily as they can in shorts and t-shirts. Stretching, running, jumping, are easier in athletic outfits.

  • Hygiene: At the middle school age, students sweat... Keeping "school clothes" clean and free of sweat and smells!

  • Safety: We don't want students injured while playing in boots, heels, or baggy clothing that can be twisted. Athletic clothing will provide a safer outfit for performing PE activities.

  • Responsibility: One of our homework assignments in PE is the athletic outfit. It is a major part of your students grade. Teaching students the responsibility to make sure they have them. Clean them and come to class prepared. Students wouldn't go to math class without a pencil and Text Book...they shouldn't come to PE without their PE CLOTHES!

Please Don't forget about those PE CLOTHES!! Parents ask your student to bring them home to WASH them! PE teachers will provide a plastic bag to transport clothes each Friday! And remind your student to pack them on MONDAYS!


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