Sustaining UMS

**SURVEY UPDATE: Here are your first 46 responses, current as of 9am Monday morning.


**Bookkeeper report: Ms. Scott told us that she bought 3220 reams of photo-copier paper for the middle school last year (500 sheets per ream). She also told the Sustainers how much $$ she spends on paper (buying paper, and print shop orders)

WEEK 2: You should be considering what your solution will be and planning how you will get it going.

- EVERY INDIVIDUAL needs to post a reflection on their iWeb blog this week, either typed, audio (record in GarageBand), or video (insert an iSight cam movie). Your reflection should be about how you like CBL so far and how your group's project is going.

- EVERY TEAM will have a second performance evaluation this Thursday, March 17

Essential Questions: How much paper does our school use? What would encourage people to use less paper?


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