What Is Bullying?

Face-To-Face Bullying

Face-to-face is a frontal and violent version of bullying. In the picture to the right, there is an example of face-to-face bullying. It often leads to injury as well. Face-to-face bullying mostly occurs in lunch rooms, lockers, and mostly in a dark alley. But don't worry you got protection all around you, your friends are there. Your teachers and adults are there.
Even though you might not know them they can help when you are in a situation. But for the bully they might enjoy it but for the victim they might get hurt. So ask yourself this: If you're a bully who does this, would it make feel popular, cool or awesome? If you were that victim would enjoy getting hurt? Face-to-face may lead to injuries, critical damage, broken bones or worse, death. You need to put a stop at this, come on people, lets stomp out bullying.


Cyberbullying is when you use a cell phone, the internet, or any kind of technology to upset or anger someone.You should never meet online or send nasty messages and you should be careful who you send your screen names to. And that you should never ever give your passwords away! And you should not send threatening messages to anybody! Cyberbullying can emotionally hurt someone or may make them have suicidal thoughts or even commit suicide. You should be careful who you tell your secrets to because it might end up on the internet. Everyone should STOP CYBERBULLYING. It could lead to death or being emotionally hurt!


Behind the back bullying is when someone says something bad about someone else behind their back, as you see in the picture below. Behind the back is when a person talks about someone and rumors start to spread. Most people who are getting bullied don't do anything. Girls are most of the people who do behind the back bullying. They always leave one person out of something that they are doing. Most boys like to fight if they hear a rumor about them.


Bullying: "To act the bully toward; intimidate; domineer"

Victim: "A person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency"

Bully: "A blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and/or intimidates smaller or weaker people"

Bystander: "a person present but not involved"


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