Bullying Statistics

Bullying Statistics

There are bullying statistics on the year 2009 of Americas young people.
  • In 2009 one third of teens reported being bullied while at school
  • About 20 percent of teens had been made fun of by a bully,18 percent of teens had rumors or gossip spread about them, 11 percent were physically bulled,such as being shoved,tripped,or spit on,6 percent were threatened,5 percent were excluded from activities they wanted to participate in,4 percent coerced into something they did not want to do,and 4 percent had a personal belongings destroyed by bullies
  • 4 percent of teens in this study reported being the victims of cyber bullying
  • Most bullying occurred inside the school,with smaller number of bullying incidents occurring outside on the school grounds,on the school bus or on the way to your school.
  • Only about a third of bully victims reported the bullying to someone at school
  • About 2 of every 3 bully victims were bullied once or twice during the school year,1 and 5 were bullied once or twice a month,and about 1 and 10 were bullied daily or several times a week.
  • Violent deaths including suicides are rare at school .
  • Bullying happens most at middle scol.
Other 2009 incidents.
  • Sexual harassments were higher for middle school then any other grade level

percentage of students 12-18 who reported selected bullying problems at school.


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