Dealing with Bullying: 90

Dealing with bullies!

"Hey Maya! Where'd you get your clothes? Goodwill?!" Jenny asked meanly with a look of disgust on her face. "No!" Maya replied quietly, turning red. "Sorry my mistake! You probably got it out of the trash!" Jenny said laughing , while her friends started wispering about her. Maya turned around to walk away and said to herself "How am I going to deal with this?!!"

Many students have the same problem and some of them don't know how to deal with it. Well there are several ways to deal with bullying ,you can fight back, run ,tell a teacher , keep it to yourself , or walk away. Through out the wiki we'll tell you more ways to deal with bullies.

Tips on how to deal with bullying.

Do you need tips on how to deal with bullies? Well maybe you should consider trying some of these tips!:

  • Tell an adult .It usually depends on what kind of bullying that happens. When it is face to face, behind the back or even computer bullying. In most cases you should tell an adult. Never try to find them and bully them back because it causes more troubles than needed.
  • Tell the bully to stop!Look the bully in the eye and say "Leave me alone" or "I don't deserve this" and walk away.
  • Ignore the bully. If you ignore the bully long enough they will get bored and leave you alone.
  • Tell yourself you don't deserve it! Chances are, you don't
  • Don't fight! No matter how much you want to fight back phsicaly, don't it will make things worse.
  • Avoid places where the bully might be. That way you avoid bullying alltogether.
  • Be confident! Walk with your head held high and walk straight.
  • Talk about it! Talking about the bullying that's happening to you with a friend, teacher, parent, or a trusted adult. It might make you feel better.
  • Make friends. Join a group or club. Bullies back off when they're out numbered.
  • Try to be friendly with the bully. If you are respectful and friendly to the bully then they might respect you back.


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