What is bullying?: 38

Down: example of face to face bullying

What is Bullying

Bullying is a repeated act of harassing, harming, intimidating, or hurting someone. It's one-sided and unfair. The types of bullying is face-to-face, behind-the-back, and cyberbullying.

Face-To-Face Bullying

Face-to-face is a frontal and violent version of bullying. In the picture to the right, there is an example of face-to-face bullying. It often leads to injury as well.


Cyberbullying is like when you text somebody a mean message, when you send somebody a mean e-mail. This is what Cyberbullying is.


Behind the back bullying is when someone says something bad about someone else behind their back. As you see in this picture that face to face bullying. Behind the back is when a person talks about someone and rumors start to spread. Most people who are getting bullied are the people who are not doing anything. Most of the people who do behind the back bulling are girls. They have this common thing about talking about girls behind their back.Boys like to do face to face bulling. Boys would mostly likely want to fight right then and there. When it finally comes to an end they end up getting suspended and getting a call home to their home or parents.


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