What is bullying?: 26

Down: example of face to face bullying

Face-To-Face Bullying

Face-to-face is a frontal and violent version of bullying. In the picture to the right, there is an example of face-to-face bullying. It often leads to injury as well. Face-to-face is mostly happens in school buildings, lunch room, outside or mostly in an alley. From many people I heard was that mostly in schools buildings they basically just want your lunch money, stealing homework, coolness or just for fun but ask your self this. If this happens to you how would you feel?
Really many people wouldn't feel so good if this happened to you. If you fell afraid about anything that come in Face-to-face bullying then ask an adult or you parents. Your not alone to do this. Face-to-face is a dangerous things that might leave injuries, badly damages or deaths. If your a bully that does Face-to-face bullying or knows someone who does that then it needs to be stop.


Behind the back bullying is when someone says something bad about someone else behind their back.As you see in this picture that face to face bullying.Behind the back is when a person talks about someone and rumors start to spread.


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