YouTube Newton

    As you watch the following videos explain how any of Newton's 3 laws apply to that video. You do not have to apply all three laws to one video, you just have to pick one and EXPLAIN! how it relates. Also, when you are finished, you MUST have at least 1 example of each of Newton's 3 laws. Again, only one law per video, but in the end, you must have at least one example of each.

    Newton's 3 Laws
    1. An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by a force, and an object a rest will remain at rest unless acted on by a force.
    2. The heavier an object the more force required to move or stop it.
    3. For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.

    1. Sitting in a Chair

    "Sitting in a Chair"

    2. Winter Car crash

    Winter Car Crash
    3. Pushing a Car

    Pushing a Car

    4. Skateboarder


    5. Man pushing a rock

    Man pushing a rock

    6. Space Shuttle

    space shuttle

    7. Crash Test

    Crash Test


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