Pond Science: 4

    Welcome to Mr. Pond's Science Wiki

    I am still in the process of completely getting this up and running. This is the spot where you can find notes that we took in class on a given day. I hope this is helpful for you, both parents and students. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at my school email. cpond@usd116.org

    At the beginning of the year this might be a little confusing because you may not be use to the format. The format will be similar for most of what is posted. Sometimes they will be PowerPoints, other times they might be PDF's of what was written on the board. This is the notes that we as a class came up with. I've also included some of what was discussed, but not written down. Please note that they are posted "backwards." The newest information is always on the top. As new things are posted they will go above what was already there. This is similar to e-mail when you reply. You new reply goes at the top when the receiver gets the e-mail. This is also similar to the Team blog, except I cannot add a new tab each day because of the set up of this site.

    If you miss class, this is the place you can go to get some additional information to help you catch up.

    To find what you might be looking for, determine what hour science you have and click the link off to the right hand side under the "recent updates"

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Mr. Pond


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