Dynamic: 8

    Welcome to the Dynamic Team Homework Blog!

    Below you will find a link to each teacher's homework blog. To get to each homework blog click on the name of the subject. You will also find announcements and reminders for students and parents. Please feel free to email or call UMS with any questions or concerns.

    • Math: Andi Bonner abonner@usd116.org
    • Matt Cizek mcizek@usd116.org
    • Science: Ashley Gentner agentner@usd116.org
    • Spanish Social Studies: Maria Moreno mmoreno@usd116.org
    • Spanish Science: Darienne Ciuro-Sanchez dciurosanchez@usd116.org


    Expect to see a Friday Folder with a Missing Assignment Sheet at the end of each week, all year long! These need to be signed and returned.

    Curriculum Night @UMS August 25th 6-7:30
    Field trip @ Crystal Lake Pool 1:00-3:30
    First Quarter Progress Report


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