Shapes Around Us Scavenger Hunt

This lesson was used by Heather Jacobs in her 6th grade math classes. Students were put in groups, and used the iPads to record their data as they moved throughout the building. The lesson students worked from is shared below:

Circular Measuring

Your group will need to decipher the clue to figure out where the object you need to measure is located.
Your group will need to measure the radius, diameter, and circumference of the circular object.
Your group will need to record your data below each clue. Indicating which is which measurement.
Only one group at a location at a time. If another group is already there you will need to move on to another location. Or wait QUIETLY outside. There should never be two groups in one location.
Once done, come back to class and calculate area of each shape and record.
Add your names to your document.
Email me one copy of final paper at hjacobs@usd116.org

1. The rim of the jungle holder in the hallway of the apple orchard.

2. In the classroom across from the elevator, a three-point shot was made.

3. The rim of the wheeled refuse container in the buildings largest eatery.

4. Assistant principals sometimes have the hot seat. A cooling machine is sometimes needed by her.

5. Teachers drink a lot of coffee. Some are arty enough to make their own mugs. Make sure you C the Crafty art teacher. Her mug is on her desk-don't disturb her students.

6. Lunch Buddies is as program that ASSIST kids with socialization. Stop by and say "hi".

7. On your JOURNEY, sing "Let it Snow" make a good "presentation" upon entering.

8. La sale de Classe Franciase, the seasons change.

9. Have you ever read the award winning Crispin?

10. Student council's meetings are on fire. Hope there is a red safety can nearby with a fire blanket. (around the bottom of the container)

11. The wife of your social studies has three canisters under the temperature controller. Which one would Goldilocks pick?

12. Don't let Ms. Ferchow, the dean, see you in this hall. There are no haircuts given in this room. However, you will learn about renewable resources. Looking for coal is not always cool.

13. Venture your way to this math class and measure the rim of what should be housing Nemo.

Remember to follow the Tiger Roar while on assignment.


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