American Revolution Journals

During the American Revolution Unit, students worked on understanding different perspectives by viewing the war through the eyes of the Colonial Period character they developed. In this assignment, students wrote a journal entry describing one of the events during the American Revolution and how their Colonial character felt about this event.

Events Leading Up to War

Francisca K.
Everywhere I go all I hear is chatter about the Townshend Acts. That fool of a man put tax on all British goods. I couldn’t even go to the market to buy tea without being taxed for it! Thank God that man died before he could make anymore ridiculous laws. Once I came back home and told Julia bout the Townshend Act she wasn’t surprised. She claimed she knew he would do something idiotic. I told her not to buy anything British for I did not want to lose any unnecessary money. She made our clothes on her own and only bought American-made goods. I was relieved when the act was repealed; even though tea was still taxed. If it hadn’t been for my wife Julia I don’t know how I would have made it.

Roman M.
There is this weird thing called the Stamp Act. The rule was released this week. I can’t understand how the Parliament thought that up. I think it is a weird rule they thought up. Well, I guess I can’t really do anything as a child. Farming doesn’t really require paper anyways. The problem is, my friends and I love to play cards. Counting the jokers, that 54 cards that are supposed to be stamped. We all decided on getting 54 pieces of thin metal. That’s the only thing we could think about while opposing the Stamp Act!!! Anyway, it is going to be a long time before we start playing cards again.

Sequoia R.
Today Redcoats came and tol Massa Xaiver that he had to let them in because of the Quartering Act. If they didn’t, he will get in big trouble. So Missus said we all had to do a buntcha work because they came. Me and Queenie fixed the food. We made the ham and collard greens with biscuits and butter. Then Layla and Martha had to stand and serve them for HOURS. I was so tired. And Missus still gave me, Layla, Queenie, and Tootise our lessons. Masta almost found out, too. But I’ll tell you (whever you are) later. Lydia is so tired.

Jacob W.
When the Quartering Act was made, I did not agree with it. I did not want to give British troops houses and goods. I wish that the law was never made. I don’t care for the British and I really don’t want to give them houses. But eventually I started getting used to this new law and learned that I was doing the right thing. I also did not want British troops to invade my house anymore. So I gave them the goods they need. I also provided them with quarters so that they can live a nice and happy life. I really hope the British soldiers don’t come into our house again because it really scared my wife and kids.

Linyue L.
Stamp Act is beginning at 1765. Start 1763, the conflict between colonists and British is more and more stronger. Of course, that’s because Ohio Valley. After French and Indian War, Britain must pay for this so they taxed. If people buy a paper they must buy a stamp. Paper is cheap, but stamp is unnecessary. Our village, my family, even me, all feel mad. Why do we pay for war? That’s so expensive for every one. So, all the people both stop to buying paper we use old paper, and everything we can write on it. I hear people is talking about this all the village is talking about this now. Even my father – after that thing. I don’t see him mad like that. And I must say, I do not want pay that, too.

Declaration of Independence
Luke L.
None of the past events have affected me because of my occupation being a farmer. I may be a Loyalist, but I kind of agree with some of the colonists' thoughts on rights. I agree that all men are created equal. They should all be given the same rights and privileges. The Declaration of Independence, in my opinion, was needed because it showed the colonists were ready to take a step forward, away from British rule. Also, I thought that some of the statements in the Declaration needed to be put out there in the mix of things. They had many good ideas that needed to be shared so others can start to break away from British rule. "All men are created equal." That has mixed meanings. I am against slavery. All men, means all men, including slaves. The colonists didn't mean it in that way. I know for sure that the colonists meant only white men are created equal. In the end, I both agree and disagree with the ideas in the Declaration of Independence.

Battle of Saratoga
Tyler I.
Today I heard about the French coming into the war when we won the Battle of Saratoga. I heard that it was a cheaters battle (heard that from a bunch of Loyalists talking in my favorite tavern) because they used guerilla warfare. If there is one thing I have to say to ‘dem Redcoats it is get used to it you darn Redcoats. It’s gonna be a long war for you. I have a buddy that shot one of the officers at Saratoga. Like my buddy, I’m a sharpshooter and can take the eye out of a turkey at 200 meters. At Saratoga when the officers were eliminated we just shot the expendable soldiers.

Life as a Patriot Soldier
Josiah F.
Many are the losses the Patriot army has suffered, ever since the Battle at breed's Hill. Our confidence, which was once ludicrously great has shrunken and withered, like a dying stalk. Trudging through heaping piles of snow many of us nearly barefooted with unreassuring provisions has caused misery throughout the army. The English soldiers have defeated us so badly that we are humiliated. As of late my remaining fingers and toes have turned a bolder shade of black than ever after a recent surgery on my frostbitten left foot. Another contribution to our hardship besides the bitter cold has been the empty stomachs that constantly distract our minds with the desire to gorge an imaginary feast. A glimpse of light and hope that we will somehow gain victory is al that make this part of our lives bearable at all.

Ethan C.
Life as a Patriot soldier is extremely hard as we lie off the scarce supplies we have. Many neutralist farmers are selling their food to the British because they got paid with gold, so Congress pays for our supplies with paper money. The value of Congress’ paper money is very low, so farmers want gold for payment. The price of clothing has gone very high, so we cannot afford much. My wife is beside me with all the other men. She is lucky not to be discovered, as ten women were kicked out today. My wife is so good at disguising, she walks like a man and talks like a man. I could barely recognize her.

Sarah S.
The Patriot Army is running out of supplies for us. We don’t have enough jackets, shoes, or ammunition. It is getting cold and has snowed. I have to wrap my feet in rags because I have no shoes. We have lost several battles now. Everyone’s spirits are low. We have to train hard, but not all of us are very skilled with a musket. Many of us have been killed. I hope I’m not next. The British can follow our bloody footprints in the snow to find our camps. It’s almost Christmas. We don’t have enough food to go around. At least on Christmas we will not have to fight, no one fights on Christmas. The General has been planning our next attack. I have to go now to train. I work hard not to draw attention to myself.

Battle of Trenton and Princeton
Rebecca O.
Life as a soldier is getting harder every day. General Washington has been working very hard to make us compete with the Continental Army. It’s cold outside and very few of us have jackets, or even shoes. It’s become almost impossible for me to fall asleep at night the cold is taking over my body and my brain. I’m not sure if we can do it anymore they just have more than us in every way and our army gets smaller everyday. The other day General Washington proposed a devilish idea that excited us all. We would sail across the river to the Hessian camp, march in and show that the colonist mean business but not only are we also going to do this at night, but we will be attacking on Christmas Day! I’m excited and sad about missing Christmas. Hopefully this will be a nice victory for the colonists.

End of the War
Aidan R.R.
Well, I’m lucky to be alive. I was swept about by the army place-to-place. I know what real hardship is, for God’s sake, we had no medicine, clothes, or food! There are so many times I wished I could return to my home and rest in front of the hearth. I’d eventually meet up with my friend, John Williams. What a lucky son-of-a-gun he is. Must’ve been at least twenty times he barely sidestepped some British cannons. On a different note (John is still alive and well) I cannot believe that Congress agreed to return Tory items! We rightfully seized those items during the war. Oh well, Congress’s decisions are something I cannot alter. Farewell.

Lawrence T.
The war has finally ended and in triumph! The Treat of Paris has just been signed and it is monumental for us! It entails 3 main things. First, Britain agrees to recognize us as an independent nation. Second, Britain gives up its claims to our land. Third, we agreed to return all rights and property taken from Loyalists during the war. We are making history and we will not stop improving our country until it becomes the best! I must go rejoice in victory!

Courtney F.

We WON!!! Cornwallis gave up. General Greene had a unusual but useful plan. The plan was to chase through the Southern backcountry. Greene didn’t have a lot of soldiers then Cornwallis soldiers. At Yorktown, Cornwallis was settling. The French had sent 5,000 troops to join Washington’s army. When, Cornwallis surrendered because his backup didn’t come. I got injured because I wasn’t paying attention. My left leg got blown to pieces. My family came to the hospital and supported me through ever thing I can only use the wheelchair. But I am glad that we won. Also, I can go back to my family. Sometimes I have nightmares about my best friend, Daniel Webster. Sadly he died right next to me. He got shot directly in the chest and I will always remember that event. Even though we won, I had bad times through the war. Thomas, my brother, now Daniel. I am not sure I go to sleep.


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