Which conquistador had the BEST METHOD for interacting with the Native Americans in order to meet his goal?

Rebecca O.

I think that Balboa was the conquistador who had the best method for interacting with the Native Americans. Balboa treated the Native Americans nicely unlike lots of other conquistadors who just killed and destroyed Native Americans and there villages so the conquistadors could take their gold and pearls. Balboa had a system where a group of Native Americans would lead him as far as they could then he would send them back with their rewards then he would get another group of Native Americans to lead him as far as THEY could. He did this because he knew that the Natives knew the land better than him and he would get a lot further by working with them. Balboa was able to discover the south sea and claim it for Spain and he was able to collect treasures along the way.

Roman M.

I think Balboa was a very smart conquistador. Instead of force, he used diplomacy. That was very smart because you wouldn't want Native Americans against you. Many conquistadors were unwise about making Native as enemies. It would be way easier to find the "seven cities of gold" that way! Balboa, using these methods, actually managed to find gold! I don't think many conquistadors succeeded in that. I think Balboa had a strong speech. He could convince a friend to risk a lot for him. Balboa, as said before, is very kind hearted because not only speech, but friendship took his friend so far to help him.

Lukas H.

It is my strong belief that the conquistador named Vasco Nuñez es de Balboa had a great method for interaction with the Native Americans. He kept peace with them and befriended them. The Native Americans helped him explore and find gold. THey let him reach his gol much faster. It was very good of him to befriend the Native Americans because no one else did. The only thing that slowed him down was when Pedrarias slaughtered and tortured the Native Americans. Balboa's interaction with the Native Americans made him a better explorer and preserved more groves of Native Americans. He found the Pacific Ocean and called it Mardelsur, which means the South Sea. He found wondrous god and pearls and other treasures, and had taken many Native Americans to rein for his group.

Josiah F.

Vasco Núñez de Balboa had been accused of treason in 1513, and this was a deadly crime. However could he absolve himself to save his reputation for centuries to come? Through his wise and clever acts, Balboa won back the fancy of the king. In desperate hope to reconcile himself, he led 800 Native Americans and 190 Spanish soldiers across the forested land of Panama. Unlike other Spanish explorers, Vasco Núñez de Balboa was a just and diplomatic conquistador. He rewarded the guides whom he had hired, and this - by large - encouraged others to guide the settlers further. Balboa became the first European to view the vast Pacific Ocean, claimed it for Spain, and won back the favor of King Ferdinand. Besides this he pleased the King with his compassion towards the Native Americans, something many other conquistadors were punished for lack of. Vasco Núñez de Balboa had the wisest method for interacting with the Native Americans to read his goal.

Julian W.

The conquistador who had the best method was Balboa. He used diplomacy instead of being harsh. He wanted to have the Natives be his good friends instead of his bad enemies. Also, he used them to help him find his way through the jungles. He hired people to guide him and then he rewarded them. So since he used the guides he found the Pacific Ocean! So since he was nice to the Natives, they helped him find the Pacific Ocean and he got to get people to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. So since he did that Panama honored him and named their monetary after him calling it "the balboa." In conclusion, since he was nice to the Natives he got to be the one to find the Pacific Ocean and get the Panamas monetary named after him.


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