Dear Mr. Woods

As part of our Persuasive Unit, students in Ms. Ackerman's class read a few articles about the pros & cons of single gender classrooms. After discussion the articles, students wrote a letter to Mr. Woods advocating their position on the matter and trying to convince him to keep gender mixed teams for next year or switch to single gender teams. Below are a few of the most interesting letters.

Haley C.

I think that we should have single-sex classes because then we wont get along with each other. People might start to spread rumors talk about each other. In the reading that I read in Ms. Ackerman’s class with the agree part that we should have single-sex classes would be so students can go and concentrate. On the disagree side it says that students need to be with their opposite sex because of puberty. In my opinion I think that we should just keep our school how it is an/or we have our on team classes with single-sex and then with our electives we have it all together...

Download file "HaleyC.pdf"

Lillian H.

Are you sexist? I hope that you aren’t. Sexism is a horrible thing that plauges our country. So, think about it. Is separating our classes sexist? Well, separating classes may not be seen as sexist, but if you think about it, it is...
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Cora W.

We should not have single-gender teams because an all boy classroom would be chaos. I say this because from personal experience just two boys sitting next to each other can cause the rest of the class to get off task...
Download file "CoraW.pdf"

Beatriz A.

If I ever had to choose if I wanted a single sex teams next year or boys and girls in the same class I would pick boys and girls in the same class. I think UMS should not have single gender teams next year. We UMS students are used to having both genders in the same class so all of a sudden changing next year to having single sex teams next year would feel weird and different. So I just like it the way it is I really don’t think there is a problem with girls and boys being in the same class...
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