Parent/Teacher Communication


    Todd Searing- tsearing@usd116.org
    Candice Cobb - ccobb@usd116.org
    Meg Pesavanto - mpesavanto@usd116.org
    Jessica Brown - jbrown@usd116.org


    Sign up to receive text messages from Team Armonia by...
    sending a text message to: (717) 778-4184
    with the message: @armonia
    Download file "Armonia remind101.pdf"

    Google Voice

    Google voice allows teachers and parents to communicate without confining the teacher to the classroom. We are given a new number that is synced to our personal cell phone so we can make and receive calls and texts from you! Please feel free to use the following numbers to reach us be either phone call or text based on your preference. Next to email, it will be the quickest way to reach us and to allow us to get back to you in a timely manner!
    Todd Searing-
    Candice Cobb -
    Meg Pesavanto - (708) 669-8056
    Jessica Brown - (815) 216-4098


    Skyward is a web-based program that will allow parents to see their child's current grades, attendance, and discipline information. To sign up for an account, please contact the UMS office at (217) 384-3685.


    Download file "Syllabus-Pesavento.pdf"
    Download file "Syllabus-Schad.pdf"

    Parent/Teacher Conferences


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