Autobiography of a Name

As our first writing assignment in English/Language Arts, students were asked to research the history of their name and write about their own opinions regarding their name and their understanding about how their name came about.

**Below are excerpts from student writing. Full names have been deleted for safety reasons.**

Kobe A.

My parents chose Allan for my middle name, because it was the same as my dads middle name. they did this, because my parents wanted our middle names to be the same as close relitives. I did some research on my middle name and it means “a guy who is always charming people to get out of trouble. Usually very flirtatious with the females but deep down just wants a stable relationship with a chill girl. Very good looking and quick witted.”(says urban dictionary)

My parents spelled my name like “Kobe”, because they had liked the way Kobe Brynt spelled his. They called me Kobe, because it was something my whole family agreed on. My parents also both like Kobe from the ideas. The ideas were Garrett, Colby, sterling, and Kobe.

Jose A.

My name is Jose and it comes from the bible and I like it. My name got picked by my mom, and my dad has the same the name as me. My mom looked the name Jose and what it ment and she like it. And that’s the story of my name.

Amillian C.

My mom named me Amillian because it stands for one in a million. But, she thought that I will be the only girl so she named me Amillian. My mom gave me the middle name Yolonda because its her middle name. My last name _______ is Irish and a decent. It’s the variant of Kennedy and, it means helmet head. My whole name is long because of the amount of letters in it.

Ludwing G.

My name means many things. Also my name is the only one in my family. My mom gave me this name because she though it was in of kind. My name came from nowhere. There isn’t many nicknames for my name other than Lud. And the fact that my name is the only one in my family makes me proud. Ludwing is the only name in urbana middle school.

Lilly H.

The story behind my last name, _____, is really interesting! The second son of a knight was named Fitz _____ to differentiate himself from his older brother. We are related to him. He and other second sons came together to buy most of the land around Houghton. Eventually, we were a family on the border of Scotland and England, and we were reevers, or robbers. We stole cattle from the wealthy. To this day, there is still a street named _____ Lane, which would have led to _____ Manor.

Mariana H.

My name was chosen from my mom. When I was first born my mom and dad was thinking of a name and they choses Mariana. They chose that name because when my mom was in Mexico she took care of a little girl and that is where she got the name for me. But my dad wanted to name me margarita but my mom did not like that name she said to my dad no I like Mariana so that is my story of my name.

Zoe L.

My parents decided to name me Zoe. They decided on my name because the liked the sound of it, they liked the meaning, it’s not a super common name, and it reflects parts of my heritage because Zoë, with an umlout, is German, and the French also use that name. I then questioned about my middle name, Liufen. My parents chose Liufen because it is my maternal grandmother’s first name, and it also reflects my Chinese heritage. They also liked the sound and meaning.

Tyler M.

My name is Tyler Allen _____. My Dad picked my name. My middle name is after my uncle chad allen _____. My name is special To me because my dad chose it. My sister Alhana started calling me TyTy one day, Now everyone in my House calls me ThaT inless im in Trouble Then I hear Tyler Allen!!! If my dad didn’t chose Tyler He would of chose Roger Dean meade because it’s was past down through The family. That is the story of my life.

Hazheer M.

My name is Hazheer _______ all my names have a meaning but I don’t know what my two middle names mean. All my names are muslim because my dad is muslim. My dad got me my brothers and sisters names from a muslim name website. He chose my name for a reason because Hazheer means king and ________ mean chosen one. And when I was born my dad changed his name to my name because at first his name was Robert. And my whole name is Hazheer Khalif Abdul _________ and if you think it’s a weird name its ok because I don’t like my last name. Because it sounds stupid I just like the meaning of it. So this is my autobiography and thank you for it goodbye. And one more thing if you don’t want to call me Hazheer you can call me Haze my nickname.

Jacob W.

My parents named me Jacob because it was my dad’s grandfather’s name. That seemed interesting to me that they named me after that grandfather. They also told me that the name Jacob just sounded right to them. They also says it goes with my face. My middle name is Patrick because I was supposed to be born on St. Patrick’s Day. I was born five days late. We are also catholic so it just seemed like the right the right middle name for me.

Cora W.

My name is Cora Ruth _______, and I discovered that I was named after my great grandmother on my dad’s side. I was named after her because she was a very nice person, but sadly I never got to meet her. I also got my middle name from her. I found out that Cora means maiden. Persophone in Greek Mythology was nicknamed Kore or Cora. The last thing I found out was that the ________'s originated from Ireland. This has been my name autobiography.

Tyzah W.

My first name (Tyzah) is Swahili. My first name really makes me special because of its meaning, Most Honorable and Warrior. My mom named me Tyzah because she wanted me to live up to my names meaning. I was named Tyzah before my birth during the pregnancy, the 7th month, which was August. My middle name doesn’t really have a meaning but I was named Vontice after a special person to my mom and dad who had died from cancer at a young high school age.


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